Frequently Asked Questions

What is Neobridge?

Neobridge is a Fintech that provides a decentralized IBAN that allows you to receive and send traditional credit transfers from your decentralized wallet (MetaMask, Ledger key, etc.).

How long has Neobridge been in existence?

Neobridge was founded in February 2022.

Who are the people behind Neobridge?

Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Adrien Brousse.

Chief Operating Officer: Alexandre Rouillon.

Chief Blockchain Officer: Vincent Vanhassel.

Why use Neobridge?

- Your funds are not held by an intermediary.

- You retain control of your assets because you don't need to share your private key.

- No need to trust a centralized platform.

- Pay in the real world with your cryptos, even if the recipient of the funds doesn't accept cryptos.

Who is Neobridge for?

People (of legal age and responsibility) who want to convert Crypto to FIAT without going through a centralized platform, as well as send or receive conventional bank transfers from its decentralized wallet.

Neobridge is (for the time being) open to individuals only.

Corporate accounts will be available in 2023.

What do I need to know to take part in Neobridge?

Neobridge requires basic knowledge of cryptocurrencies, how to manage your funds and how to keep your private key.

You need to know how to use a decentralized wallet (Metamask, Ledger etc.) and how to keep your private keys secure. Neobridge does not store any private keys.

By transferring funds in crypto you assume the risk of error on your part. Neobridge offers no counter or insurance to protect you from your own mistakes. Neobridge has no way of helping you recover your funds if you lose them.

Who can use Neobridge?

Anyone with a Metamask account can use Neobridge.

Is Neobridge regulated?

Neoswap Baltic Partners UAB is a crypto-currency custodian and exchanger in Lithuania (no. 306023795).

Neobridge does not store your cryptos. The company offers a decentralized solution compatible with your Metamask account or Ledger Key.

Several partnerships have been established with financial institutions to offer our services.

Do I need to pass a KYC test to access the Neobridge service?

KYC (Know Your Customer) is mandatory to access the Neobridge service.

Do I have to prove to Neobridge the origin of the funds I transfer?

This depends on your personal situation and the amounts to be transferred. Anti-money laundering rules require us to scan the wallets connected to Neobridge, and your transactions may have to be justified if we detect that you are interacting with wallets belonging to people subject to international sanctions, Darknet wallets, wallets associated with scams, or anonymization protocols such as blenders.

How do I declare my Neobridge account?

A tool will be set up on the platform or a partnership with a company.

Is linked to the NEO project?

No, and NEO are not linked. Neobridge is an independent fintech providing financial services, while NEO is a blockchain project.

How much does Neobridge cost?

Neobridge earns its revenue from fees charged on transactions.

Fees start at 1.5% and are degressive according to your usage.

What are the advantages of participating in Neobridge's PRIVATE SALE?

Advantages for all PRIVATE SALE investors:

- NEOS tokens at 7 cents instead of 14 cents.
(Tokens can only be resold at the end of the ICO).

Share of profits generated by token transaction fees doubled.
(Redistribution in proportion to initial investment and according to the number of tokens retained by the investor).

Free access to the Elite investment marketplace.
(No access to the full Elite Club, just to the Elite Club marketplace).

Additional benefits for investors who have invested €2,500 or more:

- 1 free NFT for every €2,500 invested, entitling you to a lifetime 50% discount on Fincapital's elite club.
(This NFT can only be resold at the end of the ICO).

Eligible to share in a €100,000 bond for free, in proportion to the amount invested.(Possibility of reselling the share. See sale conditions in the contract).

What are the benefits of participating in the Neobridge ICO?

- NEOS tokens at 14 cents.
(Tokens can only be resold at the end of the ICO).

Passive income for life thanks to the redistribution system.
(System reserved for ICO participants, future holders are excluded from this system).

Which crypto-currencies can I use to buy $NEOS?

You can use USDC or USDT on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC20).

What is the purpose of the NEOS token?

For ICO investors, the NEOS token will serve as the basis for calculating the redistribution system. All the fees levied on the exotic Fincapital fund will be spent entirely on a NEOS token purchase/resale loop to maintain the redistribution system, making $NEOS the first token with a redistribution system backed by tangible assets independent of the state of the crypto market.

Is there an affiliate system?

Neobridge has an affiliate system with 25% commissions.

These commissions apply to two events:

- 1/ Commissions deducted from neobridge transaction fees:
You receive 25% of the amount deducted by Neobridge from each transaction carried out by your referrals.

- 2/ Funds deposited by ICO investors:
You receive 25% of the amount deposited. If an investor deposits $10,000 in the ICO, you receive $2,500 in commission.

You receive affiliate income for life, with no limit on the amount.

What about the Neobridge platform?

For the time being, Neobridge operates on a limited basis - you can buy cryptos with your bank card and receive them directly in your decentralized platform. You can also buy any item on the internet (Amazon, Fnac...) in crypto using Neobridge.

Once Neobridge has obtained its segregated account, you'll be able to pay anyone by conventional bank transfer directly from your decentralized wallet.

Functionalities will be delivered progressively in 4 stages:
1/ Buy cryptos with your bank card and receive them in a decentralized way. (Available)

2/ Buy anything on the internet in crypto (Amazon, Apple...) via your decentralized wallet. (available)

3/ Pay anyone by traditional bank transfer via your decentralized wallet (Rent, Car)... Neobridge will make the payment on your behalf, with your name as a comment.
All the steps have been completed to offer this service, all that's left is to obtain a segregated account, which is a type of account allowing payments to be made on behalf of users - the service will be released as soon as this special account is obtained).

4/ Decentralized IBAN - You'll be able to pay and receive in your own name, using your wallet just like a conventional account.

In the event of my death, can I give a family member access to all my accounts and benefits?

Beneficiaries can inherit account benefits if they wish to continue using the account.In practice, they will need to recreate an account in their own name and notify their wish for the deceased's account benefits to continue in their name. Whether the deceased's assets can be transferred to the new account without being liquidated depends on the applicable inheritance law in your country of residence.

Can we have a timeline, with the different stages past and future, that would allow us to situate ourselves and appreciate the progress of the project?

February 2022 - Creation of Neoswap Baltic Partners.
May 2022 - Crypto license obtained in Lithuania.
June 2022 - Purchase of a Swiss company and start of procedures to obtain a financial intermediary license.
October 2022 - Start-up of the ICO.
January 2023 - End of presale.
March/April 2023 - Final meeting with Swiss regulators and obtaining of financial intermediary license.
May 2023 - Launch of crypto credit card purchase and decentralized crypto payment services on traditional ecommerce sites (Amazon...).
June/July 2023 - Segregated account for decentralized crypto/fiat exchanges and traditional bank transfers from metamask account.
Summer 2023 - Development of Fincapital private club and planning for massive ICO takeover.
Q4 2023 - Ecosystem complete - All services announced for Neobridge are operational.

How do I join Neobridge?

1 ) Click on the "Sign Up" category and enter your e-mail address.
2 ) You'll receive a connection link by e-mail. (Check your spam if necessary.)
3 ) Complete your "Investor" profile.
4 ) The Neobridge team will contact you to proceed with the KYC.

How do I close my account?

Contact Neobridge by email: