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IBAN and Payment processor solution

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Get a multi-currency IBAN to collect payments wherever are your clients.

Card Processing

Accept credit cards and debit cards to get paid globally.

SEPA Direct Debit

Enjoy One-off and recurring payments without chargeback !

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SEPA Debit

Multicurrency IBAN Solution for Freelancers

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Your advantages

  • Neobridge provides IBANs, SEPA Transfers and Card processing for a seamless payment processing experience.
  • Freelance and online businesses can pay and get paid internationally using Neobridge for fast & secure settlements.
  • Use our marketplace to list your services, edit and send invoices and collect payments.

Pricing & Transaction fees


98€ / month
980€ / year

IBAN Transaction


Payment Processor


Legal Risk and Disclaimer

  • Prohibited Jurisdiction: Neobridge will not onboard customers from the following countries: Afghanistan Belarus Bosnia and Herzegovina Burundi Central African Republic (the)Congo (the Democratic Republic of the) Cuba Guinea Guinea-Bissau Haiti Iran (Islamic Republic of) Iraq Korea (the Democratic People's Republic of) Lebanon Libya Mali Myanmar Nicaragua Palestine, State of Russian Federation (the) Somalia South Sudan Sudan (the) Syrian Arab Republic (the) Taiwan (Province of China) United States of America (the) Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) Western Sahara Yemen Zimbabwe.